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What do I do best?

Serve my customer.

In what ways?

  • Magazine feature writing
  • Column writing
  • Blog posts
  • Copywriting
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Speaking
  • Personal/virtual assistant services


What do I charge?

That depends. Do you want one blog post or three blog posts a week for the next six months? Do you want them researched or off the top of my head? Perhaps you need some proofreading done. Is your manuscript clean or full of red lines? Or maybe you have a new business and need copy written for all your promotional materials–brochures, advertisements, product descriptions or white papers. You see? I cannot just post random rates here. What I charge depends on you, your expectations and the time frame involved. If you want the best proposal I can give, call or email me to set up a time to chat. If you really cannot leave this page without some kind of estimate, figure anywhere from $35-$2,500. How’s that?


How’s my work?

Click on the tab “folks who love me” and read what my clients have to say. I think you’ll agree they love me.


Contact information

Carol J. Alexander • 540-333-6898 • carol@caroljalexander.com