Break into Magazine Writing



Break into Magazine Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Published will help you, the beginning freelancer, get your name in print. This course will walk you through the steps of how to:

  • gather your life and writing experience
  • write what you know
  • generate ideas
  • find potential markets
  • learn the sections of a magazine
  • find and follow submission guidelines
  • make connections with key players in the magazine industry
  • research your story and secure interviews
  • write a query letter that sells

The course includes slide presentations, handouts, and homework assignments to assist you each leg of the journey.

On completion of the course, you will have confidence and know-how for approaching magazine editors and experts in your niche topics, chosen five target markets to submit to, created a list of thirty article ideas, and written a query letter that sells.

If you are a beginning freelancer who wants to break into the magazine writing market, this is the course for you.

As a fiction writer just pushing tendrils out into the world of freelance magazine writing, I found this course enlightening and challenging. It cast light on the many stories I have burrowed in the garden, while testing my ability to coax them out with a mental spade. For others seeking to sharpen their skills and broaden that proverbial bed, this course is for you. So long as you don’t mind a little research, interview, and query letter grit. —Deborah F.

Course Outline

Week One:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Creating a Courses of Life Document
  • Writing What You Know and Choosing Five Niche Topics
  • Generating Ideas and Creating a List of Thirty Article Ideas

Week Two:

  • Finding Potential Markets and Choosing Five to Submit To
  • The Anatomy of a Magazine
  • Finding and Following Submission Guidelines
  • Making Connections with Key Players in the Magazine Industry

Week Three:

  • Preparing Your Research
  • Finding Experts and Conducting Interviews

Week Four:

  • The Anatomy of a Query Letter
  • Writing a Query Letter that Sells

Week Five:

  • Re-cap
  • Bonus Material (most folks would pay to get their hands on)

Break into Magazine Writing is presented in a logical and professional manner (plus is in audio, video, and written formats to engage all learner types), and provides all the details necessary to land magazine article assignments at the national or regional level. The course gives detailed steps for the processes necessary to generate successful article ideas, pitches, and query letters. … I highly recommend this course for all aspiring magazine article writers! —Lesa W.

Why should you take this class from me?

  • My editors love me. (See what they have to say.)
  • Ninety-six percent of my query letters have led to published articles.
  • Editors approach me with ideas.
  • I am published in over 60 national and regional magazines.
  • I have been freelance writing since 2007.
  • Since I specialize in writing how-to articles, I have taken great pains to make this course the best how-to I have ever written.
  • And finally, since launching this course, I took an editorial position with a regional publication. I understand both sides of the business.

Carol will shoot it straight from the hip and share constructive feedback to help you add polish, professionalism and knowledge to your writing and approach! I am very excited to take what I have learned from this course and I now feel more confident in approaching editors with my articles! —Karen L.

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