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Carol's a versatile writer and a great asset for our publication. She's a very thorough researcher and reporter, and she brings fresh, relevant ideas to the table regularly. Her experience writing about home and garden lend trusted expertise to her articles. Carol's a great communicator too, always responding quickly to emails and revision requests, and she's great about providing status updates throughout her reporting and writing. --Ashley Bernick, Editorial Director of Digital Content, The Motion Agency


Roanoker Magazine | Carol J Alexander

Carol Alexander is a wonderful writer who showcases unique angles and heartfelt stories in every article she composes. And it's not only about the stories but about finding them; the research is only the first step of many that she tackles without issue. Carol is a great listener, both in interviews and with me as one of her editors. She is dependable, hard-working and a true gem to work with as she always has a positive attitude and great ideas to share. I am proud to have her on my writer team at The Roanoker magazine! —Liz Long, Editor, The Roanoker magazine



Carol is a delight to work with, a real pro. She's written several articles for our PODS blog. She's a solid writer and interviewer, beats or hits deadlines and is prompt in handling revisions, if needed. I found her through her website, which proves she's got excellent SEO skills! --Elizabeth Taylor, Content Editor, PODS




Carol has written several articles for Shed Builder Magazine, and her work is always thorough, thoughtful, and informative. Also, she grasps the idea behind articles quickly. She may have a clarifying question or two, but most often she takes the article details and contacts I provide, and she makes it happen—and she does it well. She makes my job as an editor a lot easier.--Matt Poe, Editor, Shed Builder magazine



Grit Magazine | Carol J Alexander

Carol pitches great ideas because she bothers to understand our products. She takes direction and assignments very well and delivers completed packages -- that require very little editing -- on time, every time. Carol is also a wonk in our subject matter and understands how to write an effective lead that draws readers into the story. First-hand accounts, how-to, conventional reporting -- Carol does it all. Carol is also a marvelously low maintenance freelancer -- no hand holding required!--Hank Will, Editor in Chief at Grit, Capper's, and Capper's Farmer Magazines


AcreageLife Magazine | Carol J AlexanderI reached out to Carol to see if she would be interested in authoring a monthly department in AcreageLife. To date, she has delivered on everything an editor wants:she submits interesting, easy-to-read copy in a form I requested, offers to make any changes—none needed, by the way—and often beats deadlines by a considerable margin. I’d feel bad to ask more, but if I needed to, there is no doubt Carol would rise to the challenge.—Jonathan Reed, Editor, AcreageLife Magazine




Carol was a first-time writer for me and completed her assignment with skill and professionalism. She writes clear, engaging prose. She was asked to interview specific sources and did an excellent job incorporating their input. The editing process (though very few edits!) with her was a breeze. I look forward to working with her in the future.--Meridith Ingram, Editor, West Willow Publishing



Soumkine Notebooks | Carol J Alexander

We are happy to work with Carol as a copywriter as her work is part of our success. We are a stationery company and before people buy our product they like to read about it. Carol’s work helps to form their first impression. A true professional, she easily creates the perfect image of the whole brand. —Fiodor Sumkin, Owner, Soumkine Notebooks



Byler Barns & Backyards | Carol J Alexander
We needed a freelance blog writer and Carol was the perfect choice. She tackles quarterly assignments with ease and meets deadlines very well. Her creative style, coupled with sourcing industry authorities, make her writing a joy to read. Carol was assigned blog topics we needed covered for our clients and she nailed it every time!—Shea Alexander, Project Manager, Byler Barns and Backyards



Carol is the definition of professionalism. She is always cheerful and upbeat. Her feedback and ideas are consistently positive, with the aim of improving the topic at hand. She offers novel ideas to improve the current project. Carol took the concept of a manufacturer's blog site and single-handedly turned it into reality with minimum input from me. She orchestrated writers to join the effort and guides them toward relevant topics. She edits their work to deliver articles that fit the blog site perfectly. Then she creates Pinterest-ready graphics, categorized in a coherent manner and search-friendly. I would put my blog site, her handiwork, against any other manufacturer's blog site on the web. -- Matt Gross



Shenandoah Living Magazine | Carol J. AlexanderI supervised Carol in her position as Editor for Shenandoah Living magazine.  She is a phenomenal editor and leader. Her character is unquestionable and she strives for perfection. Carol met all deadlines and genuinely cared about the quality of Shenandoah Living. Her passion for writing a story properly and without mistakes is legendary among our staff.  She was the glue that held the magazine together and we all miss her. --Greg Shields, Publisher, Shenandoah Living Magazine


Survival at Home | Carol J Alexander


I pride myself on good grammar and spelling, but I'm not always perfect. Carol found mistakes in my web pages that may have taken me months to find. She did it quickly and didn't make me feel dumb! Thanks, Carol! – Patrick Blair of



Christian PF | Carol J Alexander


Carol delivers fresh, engaging content on a regular basis at She does a fantastic job writing on a variety of topics and produces content in a timely manner. Hire her for your publication. You won't regret it! – John Frainee, Co-editor of



Natural Health Ezine | Carol J Alexander


Carol has done a great job as a freelance writer for me at Of the dozens of writers I have worked with over the years she has been one of the most dependable and thorough. She consistently creates helpful and well-researched content. I highly recommend her. -- Bob Lotich



From Scratch Magazine | Carol J Alexander


An absolute joy to work with! She consistently provides quality content filled with useful information and encouraging examples of her experiences. She always beats deadline and makes any editor's job a breeze.--Melissa Jones, Editor/Publisher, From Scratch Magazine



Piedmont Family | Carol J AlexanderCarol has written several articles about homeschooling for Piedmont Family Magazine. She is articulate, interesting, meets deadlines, and is easy to work with. She is very knowledgeable about homeschooling resources and does an excellent job tailoring her message to my audience and editorial guidelines. She takes feedback well and also offers suggestions for content that would be relevant and well received.-- Danielle Rice, Editor, Piedmont Family Magazine



BackHome Magazine | Carol J. Alexander


Carol has submitted numerous articles to BackHome, a nationally distributed magazine focusing on sustainable living. We have accepted nearly all the articles she suggested and had to do very little editing.--Lorna K. Loveless, Editor, BackHome Magazine