The Dangerous Effects of Caffeine | Carol J Alexander

The Dangerous Effects of Caffeine–Natural Health Ezine, October 2011

As a young adult, coffee ruled my life. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I didn’t even like coffee. But having to be at my desk at the print shop at 7 a.m. was not easy for this night owl. At first, I simply enjoyed the aroma from afar. Then, I’d pour myself a cup to get that smell a little closer. I’d hold the mug in my hands to warm them between jobs. The next thing you know..

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Build a Beautiful Hearth | Carol J Alexander

Build a Beautiful Hearth–Grit Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009

We had just finished painting our living room. With winter fast approaching and temperatures dropping every night, our woodstove lay on a hand-truck in the corner. The hearth was not yet built, and we had run out of money for this remodeling job. I knew the look I wanted – a mosaic of black slate and shiny red tile. I doubted, however, that I could create the image I had in my mind. But since a trip to our local home improvement store proved we could afford nothing else.

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Teaching Good Manners | Carol J Alexander

5 Points to Teaching Good Manners–The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Summer 2010

Since we live in a rural area, I frequently call stores to find out if they carry a certain item or to check a price. Too often, I have conversations like this one with the young person who answers the phone:

Ring, ring.

“Yeah, like, Joe’s Everything Mart, here.”

“Hi, I’m calling to see if you sell Zach’s Newest Widget.”

“Well, like, I really don’t know.”