Ramp it Up! A Look at Wild Leeks | Carol J Alexander

Ramp it Up! A Look at Wild Leeks–AcreageLife, April, 2018

Everyone has heard stories of the Native Americans saving the first settlers in the New World from starvation. Leaving their homelands, the settlers came to America expecting to practice the same farming techniques they used in Europe. But disease, drought, and cruel living conditions brought famine that few survived. If not for the native people bringing food and teaching the settlers foraging skills, we would not be here today.

Their Big Fat Greek Kitchen | Carol J Alexander

Their Big Fat Greek Kitchen–The Roanoker, March 2018

Deno and Tina Poulos’ kitchen is full of wonderful stories of their Greek upbringing, how they met, and of course, cooking.

Deno’s father James founded the Charcoal Steak House in 1956. After selling it, the family started DJ’s Brasserie in Tanglewood.

“Growing up in the restaurant business was hard,” Deno said.

Batten Down the Hatches | Carol J Alexander

Batten Down the Hatches–AcreageLife, Jan. 2018

Living the “acreage life” frequently means foregoing a summer vacation. Although the kids are out of school, few folks can get away when the crops need planted, tended, or harvested. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take any vacation. Many folks save their vacation time for a ski trip in the mountains, or for when the beaches are not overcrowded.

Shenandoah Living Magazine, Jan/Feb 2018 | Carol J Alexander

Shenandoah Living Magazine, Jan/Feb 2018–Managing Editor

Have you had enough winter yet? Enough cold? When it dipped to the single digits I found myself pricing tickets to Florida, where I would bunk in with my best friend and roommate from college, Peggy, and lay on the beach soaking up the warmth of the sun. But the timing wasn’t right. I had just said “Yes!” to returning to Shenandoah Living.

A Zen Place | Carol J Alexander

A Zen Place–The Roanoker, January 2018

Hidden away under the shade of a pecan tree, in the corner of the home on the corner of the street, is where Laura Farmer goes to unwind after a day of teaching at Virginia Tech and mothering two small girls.

“It is my Zen place,” Laura said, referring to her recently remodeled master bath.

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