Why you should work with me

You, my friend, are either the marketing director of a large building supply corporation or the owner of a small, growing home remodeling business. And you miss all the reasons you worked so hard to get where you are today—family, friends, and time for yourself.

You long to leave the office or job site at 5:00, sleep in on the weekend, or have the time to relax and watch the world go by. But you’re too busy spinning that world while carrying it on your shoulders. After all, that marketing copy isn’t going to write itself.

That’s why you need me! 

I grew up in an unfinished home because my father was busy building resort homes along the ski slopes. Watching my father design and build mountain chalets gave me a love for the home building industry I didn’t know I had until my sons also entered the trades.

Why does this matter to you?

As a writer and content manager, I love what I do. I watch remodeling shows for fun and wander home improvement stores while my friends shop in the mall.

My first publication in a national magazine was a DIY, and I’ve been covering this scene ever since.

If you’re a rural living business looking for a writer, you should know I’ve milked the goat, slopped the pigs, and collected eggs with a baby on my hip.

My clients get the content marketing help they need from someone who knows the difference between a weed and a seedling and can conserve water as though it would never rain again. 

And in 15 years of freelance writing, I’ve

  • worked with both small and large businesses,
  • managed small businesses' content,
  • worked with agencies,
  • written for over 100 local, regional, and national consumer print publications,
  • edited a regional lifestyle publication,
  • written for building trade publications, and
  • stuffed a vast network of industry sources in my hip pocket.

Add my organizational skills and professional conduct, and you have a recipe for the perfect copywriter to present your business to the world. 

What do you think?

Do you want to kick back and enjoy life this weekend? Then, let me help.

Or, do you want to prove you can do it all while loved ones continue without you? Well, you might find help here. But I doubt it will be enough.


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