Shenandoah Living Magazine | Carol J Alexander

Shenandoah Living Magazine–July/Aug 2018 issue, Managing Editor

I think of Shenandoah Living as the little magazine that could. You know, like the children’s book, The Little Engine that Could. In that beloved tale, written in 1930 by Watty Piper, the Little Blue Engine begins his journey over the mountain pulling the train full of toys chanting “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.”

How a Personal Sanctuary Alleviates Stress | Carol J Alexander

10 Super-Simple Ways to Organize Your Life–Byler Barns, June 2018

Have you ever come home from a long day at work and not feel the peace you expected? The first thing to meet you as you came up the drive was a bicycle laying in the grass—which needed cut—and overflowing trash cans. Inside, dishes filled the sink, shoes lay strewn about the entryway, and toys decorated the living room floor.

Avoid the Circus: All Natural Flea Treatments | Carol J Alexander

Avoid the Circus: All Natural Flea Treatments–AcreageLife, June 2018

With warm weather come the creepy crawlies, in droves. I’ve already set ant traps around my kitchen and, even though we’re having snow in April, I saw a spider skitter across the floor the other night. The flies are starting to appear, too. And, before you know it, my wee pup will start to scratch, signaling the worst creepy crawly of them all, fleas.

Sponsored content for local business | Carol J Alexander

Local Business with National Reach–The Roanoker, May/June 2018

Sponsored content for local business: The Roanoke Chamber of Commerce recently added Roanoke Custom Products to their Hall of Fame to celebrate 100 years in business. Founded in 1917 as the Roanoke Stamp & Seal Company, the time also seemed right to change the name to better reflect their current range of products.

How a Personal Sanctuary Alleviates Stress | Carol J Alexander

How to Identify Good Shed Framing–Byler Barns, April 2018

My favorite Christmas memory involves a dollhouse my mother refurbished. I cherished that dollhouse. But as I got older, the dollhouse became less relevant to my life and was eventually moved to the shed out back. “I’ll save it for my daughter, someday,” I thought.

However, my daughter never saw my childhood dollhouse because it didn’t survive the shed.

All Natural Homemade Cleaners | Carol J Alexander

All Natural Homemade Cleaners–AcreageLife, April 2018

Cleaning ranks up there as my least favorite chore. Add to my dislike for cleaning a disdain for chemicals and you have a recipe for mold, mildew, and thick layers of grime. And no one likes to live that way.

Over the years, I’ve learned that cleaning before you see the dirt is part of the answer. So is establishing routines. Forming both of these habits is how I conquered the shower. Let me explain.